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What happens after the circumcision?

Care of the circumcision is quite simple. I will review all of this with you. Remember that sometimes even with the nerve block, some babies want no part of anything other than the position of comfort that they have already gotten used to. I will try to make it the least stressful as possible. When you change the diaper, you will see AQUAPHOR - gauze dressing. You can gently remove it if it is urine soaked or has stool on it. Urine is sterile and will not cause infection, only irritation. If the wound is contaminated with stool, gently clean it with some liquid soap and water on a soft washcloth. Squeeze some Polysporin on the area, and then the AQUAPHOR dressing. Some bleeding may occur, even some clots. If you see an area with some blood oozing, a little pressure with some Polysporin impregnated gauze will stop it. Then reapply the dressing. There should be no bleeding after 24 hours, only a minimal amount of oozing which has a faint pink color. Swelling in the area of the incision may occur, but should not last more than three days.

During very hot weather, urine tends to be very concentrated and may inhibit healing a bit. It is a good idea to give some supplemental water or Pedialyte between feedings. A scab or translucent yellow film may form on the head of the penis especially during warm weather. The Polysporin should only be used for subsequent dressings if stool contaminates the wound. As I have already said stool has bacteria, urine is sterile and can only burn or irritate the wound. All other dressings should be with AQUAPHOR ointment in heavy amounts. When changing the dressing you will know if you applied enough if the ointment has melted into a “gooey” mass. Keep the head well coated with AQUAPHOR ointment for at least one week. Some babies are a little uncomfortable for the first two days, especially after urinating. The ointment is an effective barrier. The baby should be sponge bathed for the first week or until the penis takes on a pink color. Do not use “Wipes” to clean the penis.

The diaper should be applied snugly so if the baby is a “kicker” he won’t kick the wound and start it bleeding. Moreover, sometimes before urination, the baby may have a small “erection,” and “pop” a small blood vessel, which will be evident with a “bit more” bleeding than usual. The snug diaper, and 3 pieces of gauze will inhibit this. The circumcision should be healed in ten days, no further care is needed. The area may be sensitive to rash or irritation during hot weather, so again, extra water or Pedialyte is indicated if this occurs, as well as a good coating of AQUAPHOR ointment before sleep. During hot weather, it is a good idea to put a good coating of AQUAPHOR ointment on the penis before night time sleep. Sometimes during the first few months, with concentrated urine, the base of the penis “sticks” or adheres to the shaft. This is easily corrected with a Q tip with AQUAPHOR ointment on it, but you might be a bit reticent to do this. Your Doctor can lyse the adhesion when you are there.

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