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  • What do I need to bring?
  • What should my baby wear?
  • Who needs to be there?
  • What do I do at the ceremony?
  • What about my baby’s name?
  • What happens after the
  • What do I need to bring?

    1. A small tube of Polysporin ointment, and a large tube or tub of AQUAPHOR ointment. Get some Tylenol infant liquid to use later in the day or night if needed, the dose is 2-2.5cc every four hours. Have some 3" by 3" gauze pads. They do noy have to be sterile.
    2. Kosher grape wine for Kiddush
    3. A kiddush cup if available, and five small wine glasses or plastic cups. If you wish everyone to participate in the kiddushm have as many small “medicine” type cups filled with wine to distribute.
    4. A washcloth, several disposable diapers, and all rubber pacifier or bottle nipple.
    5. A table (bridge type), two chairs, and a good light source in the room where the ceremony will take place.
    6. Kippot or Yarmulkas for the men.
    7. It is appropriate for the mohel, the father (if he is Jewish) and the Sandek to wear a tallit. I will have my own and if you and the Sandek have your own, have them available if you care to observe this custom.
    8. A challah bread if you wish to say the motzi prayer; two if the Brit will occur on Shabbat, and of course matza (not egg) if the Brit is during the Passover festival. [ Next ]

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