Circumcision For Parents Who I am Home


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  • What do I need to bring?
  • What should my baby wear?
  • Who needs to be there?
  • What do I do at the ceremony?
  • What about my baby’s name?
  • What happens after the

  • Who needs to be there?

    At least three Jewish adult males (over 13 years age) should be present for the ceremony - along with your other guests, the Mohel, the Sondek, are included. The Sondek or companion of the baby is the person who is given the honor of holding the baby during the ceremony. The Sondek can be female (over 13 years of age) if appropriate for the family. She would be referred to as the Sandeket. That person should be Jewish. Any other participants do not have to be Jewish. You may have more then one sandek or sandeket if need be. Avoid any family "conflicts" at this happy time. [ Next ]

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